Qingdao Xingdong Machinery Co., Ltd.-Landline: 0532-85253701,Mobile phone:13906429428。
Company profile

Qingdao Xingdong Machinery Co., Ltd. started in 1996, covering an area of 40 mu, has complete and advanced production equipment such as CNC Lathes、CNC machining centers and CNC LASER PLASMA HIGH-SPEED CUTTING machine、bending machine、rolling machine,etc., reasonably estimates the production time according to the drawings, formulates the stage schedule, strictly controls the production progress, and ensures on-time delivery! Our company is specialized in producing foundry machinery, which meets the customers diversified customized requirements of sand blasting and shot blasting equipment. In particular, it is committed to the research and development of processing machinery such as shot blasting and sand blasting on the surface of parts. The company has a technical team with more than ...